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GENERATIVE AI NO-CODE LOW-CODE INFRA to launch CO-PILOTS powered FINANCIAL PRODUCTS & BANKING-AS-A-SERVICE in 30 minutes. Corporates and financial institutions can launch AI co-pilot powered products like B2B BNPL, Term loans, Retail loans, or Banking-as-a-Service. Plugin your existing financier or get ones on our platform. Pay-as-you-go model, product consultancy, and customized AI models available.

Our Products

Co-Pilots & Microfinance powered Marketplace

Corporates strengthen PRODUCTIVITY, boost SALES, AVERAGE ORDER VALUE in Distributor-Retailer or D2C segment. Upto 40% more sales with AI & financing. Bring your own financiers or get ones on our platform.


BaaS powered with AI Co-pilots

Deploy AI workforce assistants & expand to new geographies. Build & launch Dealer, Vendor finance, BNPL, Vehicle Finance. Boost sales with improved PRODUCT DISCOVERY, CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT & PREDICATBLE SPEED OF FINANCING.


AI OS for Finance

Build Low Cost-Low Code co-pilots & use our CUSTOMER ACQUISITION JOURNEYS to launch BNPL, RETAIL FINANCE, BUSINESS LOANS, INVOICE DISCOUNTING etc. or build your own product powered by our GenAI infra with a single API call.


Connect Enterprise Data

Ask questions such as "How to increase profit by 1%" or "How to meet sales target". or "I am visiting ABC Pvt Ltd in Mumbai. What should I pitch?" Get early access.


AI Co-Pilots powered Banking-as-a-Services for B2B, B2C, D2C. Plug-n-play finance in ERP, accounting, website, mobile app or offline sales.

Our simple to use plug & play solutions help you to avail Lending, Supply chain finance directly from your ERPs(like SAP, Oracle, Zoho & Marg) or Accounting softwares like Tally. Or enhance any solution like CRM, Lead management with co-pilots. Whether you are B2B, B2C, D2C or offline - get up and running with AI powered solutions to business goals - Sales, Profits, Expansions.

Why Choose Us

Generative AI infra for Finance. Your Low-code No-Code Low Cost toolkit to launch GenAI apps quickly

Low Cost-Low Code Co-Pilots

Large Language Model Specialized to Finance

Banking-as-a-Service powered by co-pilots

Custom AI models & Solutions possible

Powering AI for Finance